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7 Herramientas Tecnológicas Para La Organización De Eventos Con Éxito En 2016

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17 MAR 2016

7 Herramientas Tecnológicas Para La Organización De Eventos Con Éxito En 2016

Ciencia y tecnología > Tecnología

As we move further and further into a world where the borders between digital and physical are increasingly blurred, events are becoming an evermore important platform to share knowledge, ideas and attract new customers. Especially due to this inevitable merging of the virtual and physical world, event organizers can get amazingly creative when delivering event experiences to their audience. Here are some proven and almost futuristic Event Tech Tools to help you plan and execute your next event:

1. Event Website

First, you’ll need an event website. There are thousands of themes and templates to choose from when creating your event’s information outlet online, and in 2016 most event organizers can track down someone able to setup a basic WordPress site. However, we’ve found great success using the turnkey event website creator Splash. Splash is a beautiful website generator tool that lets anyone create mobile-responsive event websites. Its website building suite of tools includes email marketing, ticket sales and RSVP capabilities right out of the box. Plus, your attendees will be instantly attracted to the clean design and UX during the registration process which only adds to the credibility of your event.

2. Event Ticketing

One of the most popular and lucrative spaces we’ve seen in the events sector has been in the area of online ticketing. The market for online ticketing has been in hyper-growth mode for a few years now and it’s finally starting to consolidate as the well-funded leaders are swallowing up the incumbents to gain market share.

Another great event tech tools is Eventbrite, an incredibly easy to use platform that allows event organizers to publish their event, customize their event page and promote it with their target audience. Their ticketing system is simple to setup and works seamlessly with Paypal, credit cards, Stripe and other online payment platforms. Furthermore, Eventbrite’s powerful analytical reports offer insights into how well your ticket sales are performing and how much traffic your event page receives. The real reason we recommend Eventbrite is the way they seem to genuinely care about making your event a success and helping you improve your offering with your following events. Their nifty email marketing campaign even tracks how many people you’ve reached over all of your events throughout the year.

3. Event Experience & Engagement

We may be a little biased in this category, but we’re going to go ahead and nominate ourselves for the best tech platform to improve the overall event experience. Meetmaps is the perfect mobile-ready tool to increase audience engagement and networking for your event before, during and after your event. By flawlessly integrating our web app with LinkedIn, all attendees’ photos and basic bio info appears in an interactive display, letting your event-goers get in touch and interact with one another throughout the entire event lifecycle right from their phone. It’s especially helpful for people you may have missed speaking with during the event, lost their business card, or simply have trouble putting a face to the name.7 Event Technology Tools For Organizing A Successful Event in 2016

During the event is when Meetmaps really shines. By projecting your Meetmap on the wall of your event, you can see in real-time the interactions and introductions taking place, not to mention tracking critical analytics and metrics of your attendees’ activity. With Meetmaps, event organizers bring new value to their sponsors and speakers because the mobile-ready web app acts as a dynamic channel to increase branding and visibility in ways that were not possible before.


7 Herramientas Tecnológicas Para La Organización De Eventos Con Éxito En 2016